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Watch the Aspark Owl SP600 electric hypercar hit 272 mph

Watch the Aspark Owl SP600 electric hypercar hit 272 mph

  • Aspark is poised to top the Rimac Nevera’s production EV top speed record
  • A prototype Owl SP600 hit 272.6 mph during testing
  • The current production EV top speed record set by the Nevera stands at 256 mph

Japan’s Aspark is working on a new, more potent version of its Owl electric hypercar.

The new version is dubbed the Owl SP600, and during testing a prototype was taken to a top speed of 438.7 kph (approximately 272.6 mph), as measured by an onboard Racelogic V-Box.

Should a production version be released with the same top speed, the Owl SP600 will be the new record holder for the world’s fastest production EV. The record currently stands at 256 mph, set by the Rimac Nevera in 2022. The fastest gas-powered car is the SSC Tuatara, which hit 282.9 mph in 2021. A one-off Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ hit 304.7 mph in 2019, though the production version of the Bugatti has its top speed capped at a lower figure for safety.

The Owl SP600’s run took place on June 8 at the Automotive Testing Papenburg site in Germany, with racing driver Marc Basseng behind the wheel. The site is where the Nevera set its record and features a 7.6-mile loop containing containing two 2.5-mile straights.

Aspark hasn’t revealed any details about the Owl SP600, apart from it using a bespoke Bridgestone tire designed to handle the extreme speeds the car is capable of reaching. There’s presumably more power than the original Owl’s 1,984 hp, and possibly some weight-saving modifications.

Aspark quotes a 0-60 mph time of 1.69 seconds for the original Owl, with a foot of rollout. It isn’t clear if the Owl SP600 will improve on this figure.

Like the original car, of which just 50 examples are planned, the Owl SP600 is being developed in partnership with Italy’s Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT), an independent contract manufacturer specializing in hypercars. MAT also built the Glickenhaus 003 and Apollo Intensa Emozione.

A launch date for the Owl SP600 hasn’t been announced.


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